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Leverage powerful analytics for more accurate, data-driven decisions and refocus resources for more efficient quality control processes.


Increase transparency and improve collaboration across your ecosystem by providing greater visibility between stakeholders in your operations.

Comparison Analytics

Our Comparison tool is part of our Analytics suite and is designed to provide stakeholders with a quick, intuitive means of zeroing in on how factories, inspection types, suppliers, and more stack up against one another.

Factory Risk Prediction

This feature makes ensuring quality in production facilities simpler, faster, and more actionable than ever before. Quickly gain insights into a facility’s risk of failure

Automation Center

The Inspectorio Sight Automation Center is a key feature that empowers brands and retailers to automatically assign oversight level and workflow protocols for the inspections conducted at their partner facilities

Defect Comparison Analytics

Defect Comparison is one of Inspectorio Sight’s most groundbreaking tools, providing a new level of insight into the relative occurrence of defects between different factories, inspection types, and more
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Internal Assessments

Evaluate your organization’s compliance with social, environmental, technical or health & safety standards and control how this data is shared.

NEW Rise Mobile Platform

You can now request, manage, and execute assessments on Inspectorio Rise straight from your mobile device!

Standard Equivalency

By bringing all industry players into the same network, Inspectorio Rise facilitates the sharing of verified data for everyone to benefit. One of the key features which enables us to do this is our ‘Equivalency’ functionality

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