Not only does our Automation Center automatically schedule inspections based on your chosen parameters, but it does so using continuously updated data and analytics.

Gain the benefits of a Dynmaic Inspection protocol, based on factory risk, inspection type, location and more!

The Inspectorio Sight Automation Center is a key feature that empowers brands and retailers to automatically assign oversight level and workflow protocols for the inspections conducted at their partner facilities. This feature is simultaneously simple and highly configurable, with the ability to create highly specific automation commands. 

Automation adds significant value to the Inspectorio Sight user experience. The amount of oversight needed for your quality assurance operations increases exponentially depending on the size of an organization’s supply chain, with tasks like confirming or waiving inspection bookings, organizing & scheduling your team of inspectors, and assigning AQLs & workflows to your inspections becoming increasingly resource-intensive. Organizations have conventionally had to perform these tasks manually, which requires significant time and logistical work.

Not only does our Automation Center perform these tasks automatically based on your chosen parameters, but it does so using continuously updated data and analytics. Gone are the days of requiring a large team to sift through inspection data to determine when inspections are needed — you are maximizing your resources by letting the software do the work for you!

Features of our Automation Center

Inspectorio Sight enables an adaptive inspection organization process that is completely automated, freeing up resources from less valuable and time-consuming processes. Use it to automate all logistical aspects of your inspections, from purchase order sharing and bookings to inspector assignments and workflows. 

A primary feature of the Automation Center is the creation of booking and assignment rules, which enable you to create and specify an action to be automatically taken if a certain number of criteria are met – key among these criteria is ‘Factory Risk Level’. For example, you may choose to automatically waive all in-line inspections for any factories achieving a low risk score using our Factory Risk Prediction feature (Learn more about this feature here). The interface allows you to assign an action (in this case, waiving the inspection) for a certain inspection type and factory risk level. However, you can also customize these criteria even further, making your conditions as specific as you need them to be — for a given product type, in a particular set of countries, for a particular brand, and so on.

Likewise, you can set your Dynamic Inspection Protocol to assign workflows based on different factory risk levels. This allows you to assign tighter AQL standards for factories with higher risk scores, thereby incentivizing them to improve. 

Within the Automation Center, you can set your own custom threshold value dividing low-risk from high-risk factories, allowing each organization to customize based on its risk appetite.

This is just one of the Inspectorio Sight features which empower factories, vendors, brands, and retailers to mitigate risk and improve quality control through robust data collection, powerful automation, and deep and actionable analytics provided by machine learning.

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