Inspectorio Rise mobile platform

Conduct assessments conveniently, in real-time, straight from your mobile device.

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Enjoy even greater flexibility with the ability to execute assessments directly from your mobile device.

manage assessments in
real-time, on location,
or on-the-go!

The new Rise mobile platform provides you with the ability to answer questions, complete steps, take photos and attach comments or documentation straight from your mobile device – removing the need to manually record or transfer this data to a web based platform.

This means you can execute audits & assessments in real-time and on-location – saving you time and resulting in quicker data capture and sharing with stakeholders. The mobile platform’s offline capabilities also allows you to conduct assessments even when WiFi or an internet connection is not readily available in the facilities being audited, particularly for remote locations.

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Being able to request, conduct, and review assessments on mobile means less resources spent on manual work, less room for error, and easier data transfer and efficient sharing of information with collaborators and partners.

This latest release is part of our commitment to support you in your responsible sourcing and sustainability journey!

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