Risk Prediction

Proactively manage and mitigate risk, and create dynamic improvement strategies.

Risk Level Configuration Inspectorio  Risk Prediction

Leverage historical inspection data and state-of-the-art machine learning to gauge performance and possible issues for preemptive, more efficient, more effective quality assurance processes.

Make data-driven decisions
using a robust risk
model for
proactive solutions.

Analytics - Inspectorio Sight  Risk Prediction Analytics 2

Factory Risk Analytics enables brands to implement a dynamic Quality Control Program based on risks. With a configurable threshold, you can assess the Current Risk Level and Score of factories in your ecosystem and monitor them overtime, identify key metrics that contribute to the Risk Score and simulate future risk score based on current data to plan improvements.

Risk Profile - Inspectorio Sight  Risk Prediction Factory Risk 1

This enables rules such as automatically waiving, confirming, increasing or decreasing the number of needed inspections, or you can assign inspections to a specific workflow or inspection executor based on risk levels.

Risk Prediction analytics also monitor risk scores and trends over time, giving you the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of previous and current action plans, continuously calibrate and promptly address any possible risks and issues.

Risk Score by Inspectorio  Risk Prediction Factory Risk2

You can also track improvements across factories and your processes by looking at Factory Risk profiles and Risk Score trends over time, and get to the root cause of issues by looking at correlations between risk scores and other factors and metrics in your quality control operations.

Robust analytics on Inspectorio Sight give you the power to make more accurate decisions and the flexibility to deep dive into details to collaborate with partners better, or zoom out and look at the big picture to assess your ecosystem’s performance as a whole.

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