Looking to increase visibility? Are your operations driven by subjective decision making?

You’re not alone.

At Inspectorio, data and real-time analytics and predictive insights are at the core of our value-proposition. That’s why we’ve taken the already best in class analytics we had and made them even better. Now, we provide separate analytics dashboards for stakeholder performance, activity executions, inspector performance and defect trends so the different users of our platform can dive deep into the information that is relevant to them.

Lack of objective data and real-time analytics is one of the most pervasive problems in the Quality Control industry. Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, in order to accelerate continuous improvement of your operations and produce higher quality products, you need your teams to engage in data-driven decision making. For that to happen, it’s vital that they be equipped with the right tools.

Defect Summary

Analytics on the Sight platform also lets you continuously identify opportunities for improvement within your ecosystem, focusing on correlations between metrics relevant to defects, and defect trends over time.

Optimize processes by identifying if defects occur in particular factories, countries of production, or product lines or categories, or calibrate with your inspection executors on your quality standards and operations with a comprehensive view of defects found – letting you more easily define priorities for immediate action and continuous improvement.

New Comparison Analytics

The new Comparison analytics pages centralize important metrics so you can quickly compare and benchmark 2 different data sets, without the need to navigate between multiple analytics pages without having to filter or search individually for multiple factories or inspection types.

In the General Comparison and Defect Comparison Analytics pages, you can choose between a wide range of factors to compare — such as Factory, Supplier, Oversight Office, Inspection Executor, Inspection Type — giving you more accurate, actionable data to ensure standardization and continuous improvement across your network operations!

Leading players in the industry have already recognized this crucial need and embraced Quality Control systems to empower their teams. This has allowed these organizations to effectively spot defect trends, compare inspector performance, benchmark factories, and much more. With this powerful information at hand, in real-time, Quality Control Managers and Directors have been able to revamp their strategies, measure the benefits and continuously adjust their approach to achieve optimal results.

Want to see our dashboards in action or simply learn more about how industry leaders are leveraging this to improve their operations? Reach out to one of our Product Experts to schedule a call!