This webinar will be addressing
the following four key questions:

Why Quality 4.0 should be the top priority for quality managers

Quality 4.0 - How it actually works in the apparel industry

What are the key elements that enable manufacturers to build an innovative and scalable factory of the future?

What are the relevant metrics that businesses should value to be prepared for Quality 4.0 success?

About our panelists


Peter Warner


Peter is an apparel industry specialist with a broad range of skills and experience in senior management supply chain operations. Peter brings expert skills in building world class international organizations designed to function clearly, execute and bring operation excellence.

Fernando Moncayo

Fernando Moncayo


Fernando is the co-founder and managing director of Inspectorio, an all-in-one platform to help brands, retailers, and vendors connect and collaborate with their global supply chain to achieve operational excellence.

He was a member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum and named an “Emerging Leader of the Latin American Region” by America Economia Magazine in 2011.

Why Join Us in This Webinar

Join us in an insightful discussion on how manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0, with a practical problem-solving approach through the perspective of cloud computing, mobile technologies, IoTs, and machine learning. We will also take a deep dive into the powerful impact of Quality 4.0 on apparel manufacturing, as Peter shares his vision from the perspectives of an experienced industry insider.

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