During this webinar you’ll learn:

Key insights we’ve uncovered from our ecosystem

How to establish your baseline with data collection and consolidation

How to mitigate risk and gain real-time visibility upstream

How to build accountability, collaboration and empower your ecosystem

Who is leading the way in sustainability and regulatory compliance today

An in-depth look into what companies are doing to get it right

About our speakers


Aji Bawo

Head of Product - Technology Change

Aji is a highly experienced digital product leader with a passion for putting the customer at the heart of everything she does. She has a proven track record of over 10 years of delivering successful products and features to market across digital and colleague Apps. Aji specializes in digital content, B2B and B2C product data platforms (APIs) , and has worked across various products within the retail sector. She is passionate about coaching and supporting the growth of future leaders.
Aji thrives on the challenge of balancing the needs of the customer with the changing needs of a retail business. She has an Msc Advanced Computing in Advanced Computing from King's College London, U. of London


Antonio Leon de la Barra

Head of GTM - Strategic Product

Antonio has been responsible for helping some of the largest Brands and Retailers in the world roll out Inspectorio in an effective manner. In that process, he's helped lay the foundations for what can today be considered some of the industry's best practices in terms of digital supply-chain strategies. In his current role, Antonio is working to scale all of those learnings and best practices across the broader industry.

Why join the Rise webinar? 

Achieve supply chain excellence with key insights from Inspectorio’s ecosystem. In this webinar, Katrina Duck & Antonio Leon de la Barra will discuss the latest trends and solutions for improving supply chain performance through sustainability technology and regulatory compliance.    

From creating a data-driven strategy to gaining real-time visibility upstream, we will help you uncover the best ways to optimize your supply chain operations. You will also learn how companies are leading the way in this space and what you need to do to get it right.  

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